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Pet Force for Stains and Odors

Pet Force for Stains & Odors

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Pet Force is a concentrated formula of powerful enzyme-producing bacteria that are designed to break down and permanently eliminate the stains and odors associated with urine, feces, vomit, blood, food, grease and dirt. 

This product works exceptionally well on skunk odors. Completely safe, natural and biodegradable, with a light, fresh lemon scent. Pet Force is used successfully on food grease stains that were already set in with excellent results! 

My father managed a 156-unit apartment complex before he retired and there's a special UV light that shows pet urine on carpets.  We've had several people that have rental properties tell us that it takes the stains completely away down to and including the pad.

The Combo Package includes a 32-oz spray bottle of pre-mixed Pet Force, and a 16-oz concentrated Pet Force for refills. Pet Force concentrate can be mixed with up to 8 parts water, so it is a great value too!  

Use for the following:

• Eliminates skunk odors - safe for people and pets
• Any organic stains in clothing, carpets, concrete and furniture
• Add a half-cup to your load of smelly laundry for a clean, fresh scent
• Add 2 oz per gallon of water in carpet cleaning machines
• Clean litter boxes to get out the smell that settles into the scratched plastic

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