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Monday, August 27, 2012

One Day Nutri-Calm Sale on Tuesday!

Nature's Sunshine Products

Help everybody stay cool on their way to school!

Tuesday, August 28 
Buy 3 Nutri-Calm® and get 1 FREE! 

Back to school can sometimes bring frantic, hectic, stressful days for families. 

Take advantage of this opportunity and help parents and teachers everywhere relieve their stress.

Description: Nutri-Calm (100 tablets)
Discounted Price: $70.50 for 4 bottles
Suggested Retail:
 $141.00 for 4 bottles

Order on Tuesday! >>

Nutri-Calm is one of our best-known and most-beloved products. Its terrific blend of soothing herbs and B vitamins feed the nervous system and help you handle stress. This unique formula:
promotes relaxation
encourages restful sleep
soothes frayed nerves
boosts the immune system

Buy 3, get 1 FREE when you order on
Tuesday, August 28th!

Customer Comments About Nutri-Calm

“When I was 15 years old, I was a nervous wreck. It never took much for me to start shaking in nervousness whether in stress or excitement. My mother's friend recommended I take Nutri-Calm, and within less than a month, I noticed an incredible difference! It helped calm me down so I don'’ shake anymore, and I feel better too! I’m 20 years old and I’m attending college. I still take Nutri-Calm and I have never had those nervous problems again. I praise God for that friend and for Nature’s Sunshine!” -- Linda

“I love Nutri-Calm! I used to have real bad panic attacks. Then a certified naturalist got me to try Nutri-Calm and I felt so much better! It didn't make me feel groggy or drugged up, it just gave me a sense of calm. I have also been healthier. Thank you so much for this product—it  has changed my life!” -- Kim

“I am a wife, a Registered Nurse, and a mother of two boys who I home school. We have had some major illnesses and losses in our lives, and the stress and anxiety have been building up to the point where I thought I was losing my mind. I did a lifestyle analysis on the website, and I found that Nutri-Calm was a product recommended for me. I have been taking it for two weeks now and I feel so much calmer. My husband has even noticed it. He said, ‘Honey, I don't know what you are taking that is making you feel better, but don't stop taking it.’ My relationship with my 5 year-old son is even improving. We always seem to butt heads about lots of things. But I have NOT been so STRESSED that I can deal with his 5 year-old ways now. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NUTRI-CALM. God bless you.”--Zelda

Special discount available August 28th, 2012 only.

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