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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Preserving Joint Function

Created by Dr. William J. Keller

Joints are those areas in the body where two or more bones meet. These articular structures or joints are composed of cartilage (connective tissue that covers the joint bones thereby reducing friction), a synovial membrane bathedin lubricating synovial fluid, ligaments and tendons (bands of connective tissue that provide support and control movement), and bursas (fluid-filled sacs that have a cushioning effect). Most of
these joints are mobile and thus allow skeletal movement.

Joint pain (arthralgia) may be due to many different conditions. Some of these include arthritis (rheumatoid and osteoarthritis), gout, obesity, lupusand injury. Osteoarthritis, the most common cause of joint pain, is due to a degeneration of joint cartilage.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that presents with stiff, inflamed joints that are often deformed. Painful, swollen joints greatly limit mobility and can severely impact the quality of life.

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in America. Data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) shows that arthritis and other painful joint conditions affect nearly 43 million Americans (1). The most common treatment of joint pain involves the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). However, the prolonged use of NSAIDs can lead to joint cartilage deterioration, which can contribute to the existing arthritic problem (2).

Several scientific studies have demonstrated the joint supportive and protective actions of certain natural ingredients, including glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). Glucosamine is an amino sugar that stimulates the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, the major structural component of cartilage. Glucosamine also seems to aid in replenishing joint fluid (3,4). Chondroitin acts by maintaining the structural integrity of connective tissue, including cartilage. Additionally, chondroitin attracts fluid into cartilage, thus making it more shock-absorbent (5). MSM, a natural source of sulfur, is needed for the synthesis and maintenance of cartilage (6).

Additional joint-supportive supplement ingredients include hyaluronic acid and devil’s claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) root. Hyaluronic acid is found abundantly in joint synovial fluid as well as cartilage and plays an important role in joint lubrication (4,5).

Devil’s claw root contains iridoid glycosides that appear to reduce inflammation (7). Our current view is that devil’s claw root significantly reduces pain because of its anti-inflammatory activity.

[ Editor's Note: These five (5) ingredients make up the product called Everflex. ]

There are a number of herbal extracts that are quite effective in supporting joint health. These include: mangosteen pericarp (Garcinia mangostana), turmeric root (Curcuma longa), andrographis (Andrographis paniculata), white willow bark (Salix alba) and boswellia gum (Boswellia serrata). When combined in the form of a nutritional supplement, these extracts provide a synergistic modulation of the production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins and leukotrienes (5).

A relatively new ingredient that shows benefit to inflamed, painful joints is the extract of hops (Humulus lupulus) cone. This extract is derived from the flowering part (cone) of the female hops plant and is standardized to 30% alpha acids. These chemically complex alpha acids relieve inflammation and pain in joints because of their powerful antioxidant action as well as a direct and indirect inhibition of prostaglandins and leukotrienes (8,9). These autacoids, specifically prostaglandin E2 and leukotriene B4, are quite efficient in promoting the inflammatory response.

[ Editor's Note:  These six (6) ingredients are in Relief Formula. ]

An exciting new aspect of combating joint dysfunction involves the promise of cell-based therapies to regenerate joint cartilage. Cartilage is an unusual tissue in that it lacks nerve cells and blood vessels and contains only one cell type, the chondrocyte. In cases of injury or degenerative disease processes, intrinsic repair of joint cartilage is limited, and degeneration usually continues until joint dysfunction occurs.

Therefore, the most logical approach appears to be an initiation of cartilage repair. This was very difficult until the advent of several interesting cell-based techniques (10). One technique focuses on isolating host cartilage cells or chondrocytes, culturing them under laboratory conditions, and then injecting them into the dysfunctional area.

Even more recently, a radical approach focuses on mesenchymal stem cells, the progenitors of chondrocytes. The prevailing thought is that these stem cells could effectively become part of the existing cartilage, develop into chondrocytes, and form new tissue. This therapy would be ideal because arthritic degeneration would not just be prevented but rather there would be a reversal of the osteoarthritic disease process.

Many other natural ingredients support and maintain joint health. Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oils and proteolytic enzymes are two of the more important ones.

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Dad Rescues 'Brain Dead' Son from Doctors Harvesting Organs

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, a young British man owes his life to an insistent father who would not allow his son's organs to be removed from his body, despite assurances from four doctors that his son could not recover from the wounds he had suffered in a recent car accident.

The Mail reports that Stephen Thorpe, then 17, was placed in a medically-induced coma following a multi-car pileup that had already taken the life of his friend Matthew, who was driving the vehicle. (Photo: Daily Mail)

Although a team of four physicians insisted that his son was "brain-dead" following the wreck, Thorpe's father enlisted the help of a general practitioner and a neurologist, who demonstrated that his son still had brain wave activity. The doctors agreed to bring him out of the coma, and five weeks later Thorpe left the hospital, having almost completely recovered.

Today, the 21-year-old with "brain damage" is studying accounting at a local university. "My impression is maybe the hospital [wasn't] very happy that my father wanted a second opinion," he told the Mail. Read the entire article of many other similar stories.

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Repeated Hits to the Head, Behavior Problems Linked

We've heard about the trauma and future problems of a serious hit to the head in sports, but what about minor repeated hits to the head. These also pose risk for young athletes playing contact sports. Watch this edition of a news report on

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sugar and Kids: The Toxic Truth on 60 Minutes

From CBS News

Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on new research coming out of some of America's most respected institutions, which find that sugar-- the way it's being consumed by Americans today-- is a toxin. And it could be the driving force behind some of this country's leading killers, including heart disease.

We weren't quite sure how to apply the new science in the 60 Minutes report to the challenges of everyday family life, so we sat down with Dr. Sanjay Gupta for some practical advice.

Both a doctor and a father of three, Dr. Gupta offers his take on how a typical American family should think about the sugar in their diet.  View the video with Dr. Gupta.

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Ears: Infections and Tinnitus

When you consider your health, the first thing that comes to mind probably is not your ears. However, these vital sense organs need their share of TLC, and with these easy tips and information on common ear problems, you can keep your ears alert and healthy for years to come.
General Health
During your regular doctor visits, be sure to have your ears checked for any unknown issues. However, beyond the doctor’s office, there are many ways you can maintain your ear health on your own.
One common problem is the accumulation of excess ear wax. The build-up of ear wax can cause discomfort and ultimately lead to problems, such as an ear infection or tinnitus. You can ask your doctor to safely remove excess wax for you.
At home, you can also try using a bulb ear syringe to carefully irrigate the outer ear with luke-warm water; this may help soften wax for safe removal, but be sure to drain the water afterward (1).
Others love ear candling, or the practice of placing a specifically designed candle (hollow, cone-shaped fabric tubes soaked in beeswax or paraffin) in the ear and burning the wick. After the procedure, on the candle stub there is a brown, waxy substance left behind that some advocates argue is excess wax, bacteria and debris (2).  Some ear candling specialists believe the procedure won’t draw out wax but rather, it helps calm the individual and creates balance. There are many who argue that ear candling is ineffective and can be dangerous, while some swear by the success of the procedure. If you choose to try it, be sure to take the necessary precautions not to burn yourself or drip the wax from the candle into your ear. Or, consult a professional ear candler.
Ear Infections
A common ear ailment, especially among children, is ear infection. This painful problem often accompanies other sicknesses, such as the flu, but it can also result from issues like accumulated water in the ear. If you ever think you may have an ear infection due to pain or swelling, you should go to the doctor. As ear infections are caused by a blockage of the eustachian tubes resulting from an illness, you should always go to the doctor if you have flu-like symptoms or are running a fever. And, consult your health professional if you have any of the following: hearing loss, dizziness, redness or swelling around the ear, or discharge from the ear.
If you do have an ear infection, you can try applying a heat compress to the ear or take pain medication to reduce discomfort. You could also allow the body to fight off the infection as you would a cold through resting and drinking fluids (3). Your doctor may prescribe ear drops or an antibiotic to treat infections. If this is the case, be sure to take a probiotic to ensure digestive health.
In order to prevent ear infections, your best bet is to promote a strong immune system and try to reduce the spreading of germs. Taking such supplements as echinacea and garlic oil capsules has also been found to reduce the occurrence of ear infections (3). 
Tinnitus (ringing or noise in the ear) is a symptom of an underlying condition such as age-related hearing loss, ear injury or a circulatory disorder (1). Since it is due to an underlying condition, it is important to discover what that issue is and to fix it if possible (3). Tinnitus can range in severity and although there is no known cure for tinnitus, there are ways to protect your ears from the condition and to reduce its effect. The Mayo Clinic recommends avoiding alcohol, nicotine and loud noises, using hearing protection when necessary, managing stress as much as possible and keeping blood vessels healthy through a good diet and exercise (1).
If you are unable to fix or identify the underlying problem, other techniques can be used to help with the symptoms. A hearing aid may help if the tinnitus is resulting from hearing loss. Other aids found to help reduce tinnitus include: masking devices, biofeedback to reduce stress, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) and cognitive therapy to help cope with the condition (3).
Often the prescription drugs given to help with tinnitus can be harsh and have negative side effects. For those who wish to try alternative medicine in conjunction with or instead of prescription drugs (with a doctor’s permission), some natural supplements have been found to help reduce tinnitus: ginkgo biloba (3–6), zinc, magnesium (3, 6), B vitamins (6), vinpocetine and black cohosh (5). These supplements are cited as increasing blood flow and reducing ringing in the ears and dizziness (4–6). Some combination homeopathic products are also specifically created to help reduce the symptoms of tinnitus (7).  WF
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6. “Treatment Information,” American Tinnitus Association,, accessed Apr. 18, 2012.
7. “Ring Stop,”, accessed Apr. 18, 2012.
Published in WholeFoods Magazine, June 2012

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PSA Screening Controversy


Don't get the PSA prostate-cancer screening test, a U.S. expert panel says. Do get it, many urologists and patient advocates say.

What's a man supposed to do? To provide clarity amid the controversy, here's WebMD's FAQ.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

On SALE: 6 Popular Products - 25% Off on Thai-Go

ON SALE - 06/16 - 06/30/12
Expires Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 11:15 PM MST

SAVE 25%! - Buy 3 Packs of Thai-Go for $131.05

The new and improved Thai-Go now contains pomegranate and açai berry in addition to all of the fantastic original ingredients you love (mangosteen fruit and pericarp, wolfberry, sea buckthorn, red grapes, grape seeds, grape skin, raspberries, blueberries, apple extract and green tea). This makes it even more powerful than before with more support for the circulatory system.

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Bifidophilus Flora Force provides billions of beneficial intestinal micro organisms, which offer a whole range of health benefits. This product is also milk-free.

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Nature's Sunshine uses a patented lipid blend to keep Co-Q10 (50 mg.) from crystallizing, and it yields maximum bioavailability. A double-blind human clinical trial showed that NSP Co-Q10 50 mg was at least eight times more readily absorbed by the body than competing (crystalline) products.

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Ginkgo biloba leaf is one of the most popular and well-studied herbs in the world. Its ability to increase circulation has been documented in numerous clinical trials. Hawthorn berries contain flavonoids and other compounds that may benefit the circulatory system, especially the heart. They also contain volatile oils, saponins, alkaloids, vitamins and minerals.

$2 OFF - $10.75
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LBS II is designed to support the production of digestive enzymes and bile, thereby promoting the growth of friendly colonic bacteria. It also provides nourishing natural substances to feed the colon and support it in its eliminative functions.

$2 OFF - $20.95
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Buy 9 Get 3 FREE - $206.55

Omega-3 oils are not produced by the human body and can only be obtained through a diet rich in fish or supplementation. NSP Omega-3 oils contain both eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), healthful fatty acids that will boost your circulatory system.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Foods For Lower Risk of Dementia

The food you eat may have a lot to do with the health of your brain as you age, according to the latest nutritional research.

A University of Miami study found that individuals who ate a Mediterranean diet, including vegetables, fruits, small amounts of meat and fish, whole grains, nuts and olive oil, had less small blood-vessel damage in the brain. Other studies have highlighted the apparent dementia-fighting benefits of leafy greens and vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower.

What you don’t eat matters, too. Artery-clogging trans fats are a clear no-no, and a recent Mayo Clinic study found that eating fewer than 2,150 calories a day was linked to better brain health. Read the entire article.

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The Connection Between Ticks and Meat Allergy

During the past two years more than 200 people at a regional allergy practice have been diagnosed with a newly identified red meat allergy that is related to tick bites.

This allergy may be responsible for up to half of recurrent anaphylaxis cases without known causes, researchers say.

In many ways the allergy doesn't behave like traditional food allergies, but it is causing people to feel sick to their stomachs, break out in hives and in some cases go into anaphylactic shock.

Dr. Scott Commins of UVa is credited with discovering the allergy. Commins quickly realized that the geographic range of the Lone Star tick matched the geographic location of people who had developed this allergy. Both were in the Southeast. Read the entire article.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Danger of Fearing Cancer


In the case of heart disease, there is only the failure of something we've always had ticking away inside us. On the other hand, cancers are our own cells that quickly become hideous mutant beings, not quite us, but not quite something else either. Whatever they are, they invade our bodies to disfigure and destroy us.

Much has been written recently about why people are so upset over the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendation to abandon the current practice of routinely screening healthy men for prostate cancer.

As a psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Raison can't help but wonder if the extra fever pitch of outrage over abandoning prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, tests might also have its roots in our primal fear of harboring dangerous strangers beneath our skin and our consequent reluctance to give up any light in the darkness that might flush such foreign combatants from the shores of our bodies. Read the entire article.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Men's Health - On Sale Now

Men face a unique set of health challenges. As men get older, they become increasingly susceptible to prostate gland and heart health issues. Nature’s Sunshine offers supplements that provide men with the natural support they need.

These two products are on sale through Friday, June 15, 2012:

Men’s Formula with Lycopene

This unique formulation provides nutritional support for the prostate gland and was created specifically for men 40 and older.

Men's Formula:
• Provides 100% of the Daily Value of zinc.
• Contains saw palmetto, which supports the prostate gland.
• Also contains pumpkin seeds, pygeum bark extract, gotu kola aerial parts and stinging nettle root extract.
• Contains the antioxidant lycopene, shown to have a supportive effect on prostate gland function.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto has been used for ages to support glandular tissue, particularly the prostate gland.

This herb:
• Provides hormone balance, especially for men over 40.
• Helps boost immunity.
• Contains a compound used by the body to produce cortisone, an adrenal hormone that helps regulate the
metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, sodium, potassium and proteins.

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Fluoridated Water Causes Brain Damage in Children

A new study pre-published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectivesconfirms that fluoridated water causes brain damage in children. The most recent among 23 others pertaining to fluoride and lowered IQ levels, the new study so strongly proves that fluoride is a dangerous, brain-destroying toxin that experts say it could be the one that finally ends water fluoridation.

"This is the 24th study that has found this association," explained Paul Connett, Ph.D., director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN). "[B]ut this study is stronger than the rest because the authors have controlled for key confounding variables and in addition to correlating lowered IQ with levels of fluoride in the water, the authors found a correlation between lowered IQ and fluoride levels in children's blood." Read the entire article.

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Heart Failure: Exercise May Help

Many people with heart failure avoid strenuous activities. For some people, though, the opposite makes sense: special targeted exercise programs can help to increase their physical fitness and quality of life.

Heart failure means the body's organs do not get enough oxygen, because the heart is not pumping enough blood around the body. This affects the muscles in particular. In severe cases, people are no longer able to get out of bed or dress themselves.

In mild to moderate cases, people only notice the reduced pumping capacity when they exert themselves and get out of breath quickly, for example when walking up stairs.

As a result, people with heart failure may do less physical activity. But this further reduces their physical fitness. It starts a vicious circle that can greatly reduce their independence and quality of life. Read the research on the effects of cardio exercise programs.

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Decaf Coffee Contains Caffeine

Do you drink decaffeinated coffee in an effort to limit, or possibly eliminate, the amount of caffeine in your diet? Well, a recently published study suggests that decaffeinated coffee is not the same as caffeine-free.

If you drink a caffeine-free beverage, you can be sure there’s no caffeine, because if they don’t add it, there can’t be any. But coffee inherently contains caffeine, and it has to be processed in order to remove it. And there’s usually still some left.

In fact, just two cups of some decaffeinated coffee contain as much caffeine as would be found in a 12-ounce serving of Coke or Pepsi! Read the entire article.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

On SALE: 50% Off Safe Cleaning Products

Nature's Sunshine Products

Announcing Nature's Fresh Inventory Clearance!
June 1 - while supplies last

We launched the Nature's Fresh line in 2010 and created some wonderful, safe, effective formulations of green home cleaning products. Unfortunately, product sales do not meet minimum batch requirements, so this line will be discontinued when supplies run out.

The Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray will NOT be discontinued and is not on sale.

This is your opportunity to save 50% on NSP Nature's Fresh products while supplies last. Stock up on all-natural, biodegradable home cleaning products.


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1568-3Surface Wipes w/Silver Shield (30)$2.48
1545-5Laundry Soap Sample (4 fl. oz.)$1.00

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On SALE: Men's Formula & Saw Palmetto

ON SALE - 06/01 - 06/15
Expires Friday, June 15, 2012 at 11:15 PM MST

View Specials On Website

Buy 4 Get 1 FREE - $81.00
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A combination of the finest natural products, Men's Formula provides a boost for males 40 and older and offers glandular support, particularly for the prostate.

$2 OFF - $10.25
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Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) is used primarily to support glandular tissues (especially the prostate gland) and to balance hormones. Using Saw Palmetto capsules can help men support the optimal function of the prostate gland.

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