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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thyroid and Congestive Heart Failure


The human endocrine system is an extremely complicated biological mechanism. The regulation of hormone levels in our bodies can impact virtually every aspect of our physical and mental health, and when things go awry in this system, the consequences can be devastating.

Many men and women diagnosed with thyroid disorders often have a deep-seated understanding of the broad impact of these health problems. Indeed, in the eyes of patients dealing with a thyroid diagnosis, it can often seem like there are very few health factors that thyroid problems can't cause.

Out of the full range of associated symptoms and health problems that have been linked to thyroid disorders, one stands out as particularly serious -- congestive heart failure.

In recent decades, a number of prominent studies have established correlations between thyroid problems and an increased risk of developing congestive heart failure. Take a closer look at this subject.

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