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Saturday, January 1, 2011

How We Deplete Our Nutrients

Below is a list of various nutrients and the corresponding substance(s) that deplete the specific nutrient from your body. The list doesn't mention that many of these nutrients are for the most part water-soluble meaning that every day they need to be replaced to keep a sufficient amount of nutrients for us to survive.

Is it any wonder that after we indulge in certain foods, drinks, and drugs, that needed nutrients are depleted to such a sufficient amount that our body systems become compromised. All the more reason to have a well-balanced supplement program.

B1 - cooking, caffeine, alcohol, estrogen, sugar, sulfa drugs and food processing
B2 - ultraviolet light, estrogen, sugar, sulfa drugs and alcohol
Niacin (B3) - sulfa drugs, sleeping pills, estrogen and sugar
Pantothentic Acid (B5) - canning, caffeine, sulfa drugs, sleeping pills, estrogen, alcohol and sugar
B6 - canning, roasting, long food storage, stewing of meat, alcohol, estrogen
Folic Acid - heat, light, unprotected storage at room temperature, sulfa drugs, estrogen and boiling foods
B15 - sunlight
Biotin - raw egg whites, sulfa drugs, antibiotics, estrogen and alcohol
Choline - sulfa drugs, estrogen, food processing, alcohol
Inositol - caffeine, coffee, sulfa drugs, estrogen, food poisoning and alcohol
PABA - sulfa drugs, food processing, alcohol and estrogen

C - stress, smoking, high fever, aspirin, pain killers, cooking, heat, light, alcohol
D - smog and mineral oil
E - heat, oxygen, freezing temperatures, inorganic iron, chlorine, mineral oil and frying
Essential Fatty Acids - saturated fats and heat
K - coumadin or blood thinners
Bioflavonoids - boiling, cooking, heat, light and smoking
U - heat

Calcium - large quantities of fat, oxalic acid, phytic acid
Chromium - sugar, refined carbohydrates, refined foods and junk foods
Cobalt - acids, alkalies, sunlight, alcohol, estrogen, sleeping pills
Copper - too much zinc
Fluorine - aluminum salts of fluoride
Iodine - iodine poor soil, food processing
Iron - phosphate food additives, E.D.T.A. (a food preservative and chelating agent). tannic acid in tea and coffee
Magnesium - alcohol, diuretics, sugar, refined flour, protein, food processing
Manganese - large phosphorous and calcium intake, milk and meat eating
Molybdenum - refined foods
Phosphorus - too much aluminum, magnesium and iron
Potassium - alcohol, coffee, sugar, diuretics and refined foods
Selenium - food processing, high fat foods, infection, injury stress, blood loss, old age
Sodium - vomiting, diarrhea, sweating for fevers, heat or exercise
Sulfur - none known
Vanadium - none known
Zinc - food processing, nutrient poor soil, old age, contraceptives and alcohol

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