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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dangers of Toxic Home Cleaning Products

Surface Cleaner
Without knowing much about their ingredients, Americans put a great amount of trust in their store-bought cleaning products. Most don’t realize that their home “cleaning” products may be doing more harm than help. Many of these solutions use chemicals that come with health risks we all want to avoid—not referring to the rare cases when products are accidently ingested.

Surface Wipes
Simply using the products the way labels instruct can put not only you but everyone interacting with the “cleaned” space at risk. A 2010 study involving over 1,500 women found that exposure to home cleaning products significantly increased their risk of developing breast cancer. The study concluded that the women who reported the highest cleaning product use had doubled their risk of breast cancer compared to those that reported the lowest use of the toxic chemicals.

As Americans spend the majority of their time indoors, whether at home or at work, they are constantly bombarded with indoor air pollution. With poor ventilation and confined spaces, the fumes emitted by cleaning products are major contributors to the poor air quality inside. And though some assume that those harmed by the harsh chemicals are affected only after ingesting them, they are wrong. Home cleaning products are attacking our health every day as the body more readily absorbs their chemicals through the skin and respiratory tract.

What can you do? Think twice about the cleaning products you use to maintain a healthy home. Consider using alternative products and avoid the typical shelf products that have been found as a health threat.

More natural home cleaning solutions are always a better choice when it comes to any type of cleaning—laundry, fabric brightener (bleach), air freshening, dish washing, surface cleaning or surface wipes.

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