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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Building a Stronger Structural System

Like a building, the human body relies on its internal structural system for strength. Bones, muscles and connective tissues give our bodies form and mobility. They make it possible for us to know the job of hard work well done and the excitement of childlike play.

Unfortunately, for many people these pleasures are restricted, sometimes severely so. Fragile or soft bones, an increasingly common health problem in our society, make normal pleasures and pursuits almost impossible.

Calcium Banks

Throughout our lives our bones are in a constant state of flux. Like many other tissues, they are continually rebuilt or remodeled by the body as new tissue is formed to replace old. Made up of calcium, phosphorous and magnesium (with the emphasis on calcium), bones act in some respects like banks.

Calcium is essential for all life processes, including heartbeats, hormonal systems, muscle contractions and brain function. In order to function properly, the body must maintain a high level of calcium in the fluids that surround cells. The body cannot manufacture calcium.

When the body's level of calcium is low, the parathyroid glands secrete a hormone that ensures adequate calcium supplies in the fluids by making withdrawals from the bones. Read the entire article.

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