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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Internal Pollution

by Jim Robertson

Many health problems are related to toxins building up in the body over a period of time from food, water, and air. Symptoms may include arthritis, gout, sinus, allergies, colds, flu, body odor, or many other things. Internal cleansing on a regular basis is essential if someone is going to be disease-free and healthy long term.

The majority of toxins should go out through the kidneys. Many people don't drink enough water to accomplish this or they fail to drink pure water. Pure water includes distilled or purified, but not tap water. A minimum of 6 to 8 glasses a day is necessary for most people.

Internal cleansing has to start with the bowel. Toxins from the bowel can seep into the bloodstream and poison the rest of the body. Many people go for days or even weeks without a bowel movement. A lady came into my store one day that had been hurting under her right ribs. She thought that she had a gallbladder problem. She said that she had heartburn every time she ate and went for weeks without a bowel movement. Read the entire article.

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