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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Does the Urinary System Affect Overall Health

This is the first area that generally needs to be addressed in order to have good health. Individuals can go a long time without having a bowel movement and not have immediate problems. However, they can't go very long without voiding their urine. Most of the herbs will attempt to flush toxins through the urinary tract. If a client's system can't eliminate the toxins, they will normally begin to experience discomfort. I have learned through the years that many herbalists consider the skin the "3rd Kidney." The skin is supposed to move at least 2 pounds of waste per day. Most of us work at a sedentary lifestyle or in air conditioned environrnents and we rarely sweat. Sweating is how the skin removes normal waste. This causes our kidneys to get overburdened. I also ask folks these questions related to urinary difficulties. Read the entire article.

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