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Monday, January 4, 2010

Headache Types and Causes

Types of Headaches

* Migraines - Migraines may be humanity's oldest malady. The name comes from the Greek physician Galen when he used it to describe this disorder in 200 A.D. Six-thousand year old Sumerian writings refer to a crude form of holes chiseled in skulls to allow escape of pain creating "demons." Considered to be a vascular headache. The pain is located most often in the temporal or frontal regions of the head. Symptoms can include aching in and around the eye and may be accompanied by a loss of appetite, sensitivity to light, nausea and/or vomiting. Also, they can be preceded by 15 to 90 minutes of an "aura," which may include visual disturbances, distorted perception, hallucinations, flashes of light, and temporary loss of sight or hearing. Journal of American Medical Association reports (in 1996) that 8.7 million females and 2.6 million males suffer from moderate to severe headaches.

* Cluster - Pain of this kind of headache is usually intense. Often they begin in the evening, but most often awaken individuals after they have been asleep for a several hours. Most often affect males and are often worse in the spring and fall seasons. The pain is severe and normally lasts 30-90 minutes, sometimes it may persist for several hours. The name is given because the headaches occur in groups of headaches that may last for a day or two to several months, then they many not occur for months or even years.

* Tension - Usually accompanied by stress and/or anxiety. They rarely occur upon arising from bed but instead occur as the day progresses and a person's stress accumulates. Neck stiffness and tension are often present. Many times the pain will seem to start at the base of the neck and begin to advance up the neck as the pain intensifies. They normally begin in a gradual manner and can persist from several hours to days or weeks. Tei Fu Massage Lotion helps to relax the neck whenever it begins to tense up. Read about the possible causes of headaches.

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