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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Recipes For Silver Shield Use

Uses From Dr. Gordon Pederson, developer of Silver Shield Silver Sol product. Dr Pedersen claims we could take a maintenance dose for the next 258 years and would not become toxic with the Silver Sol Technology. There's no fear of argyria (graying of skin).

Hand Sanitizer
Put Silver Shield liquid in an atomizer bottle for purse or pocket, or carry Silver Shield Gel with you in a small bottle.

Strep Throat Gargle
Use 1 teaspoon Silver Shield and gargle for 6 minutes, then swallow. Repeat every two hours first day and then 2 times daily after.

Ear Health
2-3 drops in each ear, keeping ear upward for up to 10 minutes to allow silver access into the ear cavity. Use 2-3 times a day if necessary.

Eye Health
Use 2-3 Silver Shield drops in eyes for up to 6 minutes for optimal exposure. Can use 2-3 times per day.

Ultimate level of extreme use for such as Malaria or Lyme’s Disease - Adult
First day - 1 bottle (4 oz) sipped throughout day
Next 2 days - 1/2 bottle (2 oz) consumed each day
Next 4 days - 1/4 bottle (1 oz) consumed each day
Continue two weeks with 2 teaspoons twice a day. Total of 5 bottles.
For children, dose according to weight assuming above dosage is for 150 lbs.

Facial Toner
Mix 3 parts alcohol-free toner or witch hazel to 1 part Silver Shield. Shake before using. Spray on face before using makeup or before bedtime.

Facial Mask

Use your favorite dry powder mask and substitute 1 teaspoon Silver Shield liquid or gel for water in the reconstitution process.

Wound Management
Apply Silver Shield Gel several times a day

Vaginal Tampon
Purchase tampon and remove the individual paper wrapper. Holding the applicator upright, pour 1 oz. liquid Silver Shield down the applicator onto the tampon. Insert for 30 minutes, then remove.

Vaginal Douche
Lie on back. Pump 2 oz liquid Silver Shield into vagina and hold for 12 minutes, then release.

Fungal Nails
Use Silver Shield Gel topically and may benefit using liquid internally.

Gingivitis Mouthwash
Use 1 teaspoon Silver Shield 4x per day swishing for 6 minutes. Continue for 3 days. Reduce to 2x per day for 1 week and then once daily maintenance.

Household Use
Super disinfect cutting boards, kitchen table, bathroom and kitchen counters. After cleaning, spray a light mist of Silver Shield and let air dry.

Skin and Feet
Use Silver Shield Gel topically on skin, feet, burns, skin irritations, rashes, fungal infections, diaper rash, etc.

Voice Spray
Put Silver Shield into a small purse-size spray bottle and use up to 10 times daily with 1-4 sprays each time.

Read more about Silver Shield.

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  1. Can you use Silver Shield in a nasal spray for sinus problems?

  2. Q. Can you use Silver Shield in a nasal spray for sinus problems?

    A. Yes, you can. Here's information on some of the research:

    Sinusitis and Rhinitis.

    The method comprises the step of administering a silver composition, one to five times a day to the nose until there was a response. Six patients with nasal infections (four with sinusitis and two with rhinitis) were each treated with approximately two drops of a composition of the present invention comprising in their nasal passages three times per day. The patients showed full recovery within four days.

    The full article can be seen here:

  3. Can Silver Shield help with Pterygiums in the eye?

  4. I had to look for a definition of what you asked about which is:

    A pterygium is a growth of scar tissue and blood vessels on the sun-exposed surface of the eye in response to ultraviolet damage from the environment.

    Seems scar tissue is what you'd have to focus on. This article about Silver Shield mentions scar tissue: How Does Silver Work?

    Here's the specific paragraph:

    Besides suffocating unwanted invaders, colloidal silver also helps injured tissues grow back. It has been useful in cases of severe burns and broken bones. It reduces scar tissue and helps severe cuts and wounds heal faster.


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