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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

China Recalls - Choosing Supplements

If you’ve been watching TV, reading the newspaper or surfing the web, you have surely seen some of the truly scary stories about health and quality concerns regarding products originating in China.

Toys, pet food, cups, raw materials and other products from China have been recently scrutinized after incidents that have forced some U.S. companies to issue product recalls due to concerns about heavy metal, chemical and foreign material contamination.

Although these stories have been making the rounds in the media, there is no concern for those using Nature's Sunshine (NSP) products. Their Quality Assurance experts have spent years developing some of the most sophisticated QA testing protocols in the industry. Nature’s Sunshine always stays a step ahead in issues of quality.

The NSP manufacturing facility is TGA certified, which means they meet the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration Pharmaceutical Standard requirements - the highest standards in the industry. They also test and validate based on the most recent Food and Drug Administration Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Every incoming raw material is tested to ensure quality and activity (potency), and to ensure ingredient integrity through identification testing (test for certain activity markers and ingredient attributes), stability testing and micro testing. They even test for pesticides.

The vast majority of NSP's ingredients are sourced from countries other than China, but the very popular line of Chinese and Chinese TCM products are all sourced from China. The materials that comprise these products are tested, just like all materials, and required to meet all specifications before being used in any products. If there's ever find a batch of material that fails the Quality Assurance process, it is immediately rejected and not used.

Undoubtedly, there are products on the market that are manufactured with poor-quality materials that may prove to be inactive and ineffective. Costly, inefficient and potentially dangerous for consumers who think they are buying one thing, but are really getting another. This problem is not new to the market, and it isn’t isolated to Chinese materials.

Unfortunately, some U.S. companies are buying low-quality materials for their products and selling them to the unsuspecting consumer. The good news is that Nature's Sunshine customers can rest assured knowing that Nature’s Sunshine tests every material that comes through its doors and guarantees that every product that leaves its facilities will meet the highest specifications in the industry.

That's why our family chose Nature's Sunshine 25 years ago and have stayed with it.

New Fabric Smell Is Toxic

Many people notice a new fabric smell on just-purchased clothes. That "new" smell is a potent mixture of chemicals such as formaldehyde and urea resins. The chemicals are used to 'finish' fabric for a range of purposes, including stain resistance, wrinkle-proofing, and even disinfecting. Most contain volatile organic compounds that are often sensitizers and suspected carcinogens.

To get rid of those chemicals, place clothes in the washer with enough water to cover. Sprinkle one cup of baking soda into the washer and soak clothes overnight. When convenient during the soaking, agitate the machine for a few minutes. Launder as usual.

Some imported clothing companies are now dousing their clothes with long-lasting disinfectants. If the clothing you are about to purchase smells more pungent than usual, put it back on the rack.

Source: Real Money

Monday, October 29, 2007

Essential Oil Recipes: Nasal Spray, Colds and Flu

Recipe: Nasal Spray Recipe

10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
10 drops Marjoram Essential Oil
1 tablespoon of water, distilled if possible

Don't blow your nose for at least 5 minutes after using the spray. The effects of the formula should last for several hours.

Recipe: Colds-Flu

10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
10 drops Pine Essential Oil

Add to the bath or put on section of paper towel so you can benefit by inhalation. Inhale frequently. Place on pillow beside nose. This opens the sinuses and helps clear the head of congestion. Eucalyptus is also a natural antiseptic.

This is a good blend to use in a plug-in like the AromaBall. Kill germs all night long and promote deeper sleep by using this nightly in bedrooms.

100% Pure Essential Oils

Sanitize Home or Bedroom Day and Night With an AromaBall

Friday, October 26, 2007

Healthier Non-toxic "Dry" Cleaning

Dry cleaning or wet cleaning? Liquid CO2 or GreenEarth? Here’s the lowdown on which dry cleaning methods are best for people and the planet.

Read the entire article.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Essential Oil Recipe: Deodorizer and Disinfectant

6 drops Rosemary
6 drops Grapefruit
4 drops Lemon
2 ounces purified water

Combine oils and water in a 2-ounce glass spritzer bottle. Shake well before each use and spray liberally into the air. This spray will combat odors and kill infectious organisms. During cold and flu season, add 2 drops of Eucalyptus. The blend also works well in a diffuser without the water.

100% Pure Essential Oils

Using Natural Remedies for Children and Teens

Children are by their very nature rambunctious and often throwing caution to the wind. However, as parents we often have to pick up the pieces after they have gotten sick, or injured themselves. Choosing to use herbs and nutritional supplements can often go against everything we have been taught. Our parents usually teach us to not take responsibility for our health problems as we are growing up. As we get older, we have our own children and follow the same pattern of reliance upon the medical profession.

At this point, we can keep this same mindset or we can choose to change because we know medicine only treats the symptom. We often learn this because we take our children back for the same problems repeatedly. Many people are deciding to try a different approach with their children in this generation of the "discovery" of the effectiveness of herbs and supplements in health care.

Prevention is the main issue. Poor nutrition can make our children more susceptible to sickness. Sugar, preservatives, colorings, white flour and dairy products all have the tendency to weaken the immune system. Dr. Teresa Allen, D.O. says, "Drinking the sugar from one soda renders the immune system inactive for over 6 hours." This is verified by blood work. Is it any wonder our children have weakened immune systems? Good nutrition can help keep the immune system functioning and able to fight off foreign invaders.

You can't always monitor what your children eat and with some family time schedules you can't always feed what you want to. That's where supplementation comes in. You can fill in with the nutrients they are missing. Basic supplementation should include a multi-vitamin formula with minerals. With the spread of so many viruses, it's now wise to support the immune systems of children.

Nature's Sunshine Herbasaurs has a great line of chewable products that children love. For teens and adults, Super Supplemental is one terrific formula with a lot of nutrition and whole foods added

Friday, October 19, 2007

Diet Sodas Cause Metabolic Syndrome

Drinking more than one soft drink daily - even if it is the sugar-free kind - may be associated with an increased incidence of metabolic syndrome, which is a cluster of risk factors linked to the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, a study finds. Read the entire article.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vegetarian Black Bean Vegetable Soup

From Recipe Zaar

Here's a hearty soup for these colder evenings. This also has lots of preventative power in the garlic and a great health-building source of protein in the black beans and soymilk. Serve with some whole wheat bread (or other grain) to make it a complete protein meal.

Vegetarian Black Bean Vegetable Soup

2 cups water
4 medium carrot, sliced thin
1.2 cup onions, diced
2 medium bell pepper, diced
8 garlic cloves, chopped
8 cups spinach, raw
1 teaspoon ginger
2 cup black beans, home-cooked, frozen
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 teaspoon cumin
2 cups soymilk

Put carrots in pot and cover with water (no oil or butter needed). Cover and cook on medium heat until carrots just start turning soft. Add onion and red bell pepper. Cook, uncovered, on low heat for a couple minutes, stirring occasionally. Throw in garlic and spinach. Continue stirring occasionally on low heat until spinach is mostly cooked down. Add ginger.

Remove from heat once spinach is cooked. Strain vegetable mixture into bowl; reserve juice. Place vegetable mixture in microwave to keep warm.

Place black beans and reserved vegetable juice in pot on stove. Cook, covered, on medium heat until black beans are no longer frozen. Add turmeric and cumin; stir and simmer briefly. Add milk, reduce heat, and stir. Mash some of the beans using fork or spoon, if desired. Cover and cook 1 minute.

Return vegetable mixture to bean soup base in pot. Cook uncovered 1 minute longer, stirring occasionally.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Create A Family Health History Portrait

My Family Health Portrait is a free interactive software online that allows you to create a personalized family health history report from any computer with an Internet connection and an up-to-date Web browser.

Information you provide creates a drawing of your family tree and a chart of your family health history. Both the chart and the drawing can be printed and shared with your family members or your healthcare professional. Used in consultation with your healthcare professional, your family health history can help you develop disease prevention strategies that are right for you.

This Web-based version was developed in collaboration between the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General and the National Human Genome Research Institute, a part of the National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services.

Essential Oils For Health: Viral, Bacterial, Parasitic and Fungal

With the continual bombardment of viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal contamination in our world, essential oils are a great benefit to help protect our bodies and homes from this onslaught of pathogens. Immune systems need support and essential oils can give it.

Because of the enormous amount of raw product used to make wholly natural essential oils, lots of products on the market have been polluted with lower quality, commercial-grade oils or contain other chemical substances to reduce the cost or increase the profit margin - a fact not usually revealed on the label.

Essential oils have unique properties that have been prized worldwide for thousands of years, being used therapeutically in early Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese civilizations. Often the secrets of plant aromas were reserved for kings or other favored elite. For hundreds of years, extensive trade routes became established to transport perfumed ointments, resins, oils and spices throughout the ancient world.

100% Pure Essential Oils

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Full Cost of Smoking

If you think about the cost of smoking, you generally take the price of cigarettes and multiply that by how many somebody smokes. The effect on health is also a cost factor that is generally considered, but there's a whole lot more to it than just that. Maybe this information will be the motivation needed for somebody to quit.

Read this article to get the whole picture

In another article:

The real cost of cigarettes to smokers: $222 a pack

Vanderbilt professors estimate the economic effect smoking has on smokers. While past studies have focused on the cost of cigarette smoking to society, a new report by two Vanderbilt University professors looks at the cost of smoking per pack in terms of the value of the risks to the smoker’s life.

Read the entire article.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Writing Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis

I've been writing since junior high school when my best friend and I would take a huge notebook and have an ongoing "note" being passed back and forth between classes. Both of us would write volumes about then "so important" things. It was a fun thing until the day one of our teachers took it and began reading it to the class because it was "so important that we had to miss the teaching to write about it."

Oh, the sweetness of remembering those most embarrassing moments of growing up! To have such trivial problems today!

Research shows that journaling or writing makes a difference in the disease activity presented for those with rheumatoid arthritis. This could be why:

"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium."~ Norbet Platt

So, I guess writing (or typing in my case) has been a good thing for the rheumatoid arthritis that I'm challenged with. Now that I've made the leap to leave the business to focus on me, I'm seeing more and more good things that I'm already doing right. Good feelings always make you feel better, so I expect to have great improvement as I rediscover myself and redesign my life into what currently fits.

More Info: Journal Writing: The Write Treatment

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Immune Prevention When Flying On An Airplane

We'll be leaving later this month for a convention which requires a flight to Florida. Flying puts you in a holding tank with a bunch of organisms that challenge the best of immune systems.

We always travel with Peppermint Oil which has properties to kill invaders before they enter your nose and mouth. We rub a drop under the nose and then take a drop in our mouths also. It's so refreshing with the stale smell of the airplane. I always eat more away from home than I do at home, so it's a good digestive aid too. When everybody orders coffee which I avoid, I ask for a cup of hot water and add peppermint oil to it. The aroma is uplifting and it sure helps that bloated and full tummy after a meal.

Essential oils are marvelous blessings from God from the plant kingdom. They possess a powerhouse of anti-microbial benefits in a small pocket-size bottle.