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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Milk Thistle For The Liver

Our livers have a big job and with all the pollution in our air, water and foods, a little bit of herbal help would prove to be wise. Our forefathers always did Spring tonics for the liver and blood because they knew that keeping their livers healthy had a lot to do with feeling good.

This powerful formula provides nutrients that must be present for the liver to perform its 500 or more functions. It contains Vitamin A & C, milk thistle extract (80% silymarin, 175 mg.), dandelion root (150 mg.), choline bitartrate (60 mg.), and inositol (60 mg.).

Milk Thistle consists of three powerful liver-protective flavonoids. These flavonoids, silybin, silydianin, and silychristin, are usually referred to as silymarin. The effects of silymarin are well researched, showing protection against such hepato-toxins as alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, pesticides, heavy metals, and acetaminophen overdose. Not only can silymarin protect liver cells, it can regenerate already damaged ones. Additionally, silymarin was shown to increase liver, stomach, and intestinal glutathione. Read more about Milk Thistle.

The ABCs of Immune Defense for Kids

It's time for school supplies and getting your children prepared for another year of school. Don't forget to include the supplies you need to keep them healthy. Keeping their immune systems working at peak efficiency will prevent colds and flu from gaining ground.

Here's a great article that will help you to have some direction in keep your kids healthy. They don't have to be sick. Read Defending Kids Against Disease by Brian Gill.

Study Shows Laughter Helps Blood Vessels Function Better

Using laughter-provoking movies to gauge the effect of emotions on cardiovascular health, researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore have shown for the first time that laughter is linked to healthy function of blood vessels. Laughter appears to cause the tissue that forms the inner lining of blood vessels, the endothelium, to dilate or expand in order to increase blood flow.

When the same group of study volunteers was shown a movie that produced mental stress, their blood vessel lining developed a potentially unhealthy response called vasoconstriction, reducing blood flow. That finding confirms previous studies, which suggested there was a link between mental stress and the narrowing of blood vessels. Read the entire story.

The FDA Formed 100 Years Ago - Are We Safer Because of It

A century ago, in an era of snake-oil salesmen, dangerous medicines, and horrifying conditions in the meatpacking industry, Congress created the Food and Drug Administration. Consumers’ health and safety has improved remarkably since then. Yet problems with our food and drugs today echo the very reasons the FDA was established.

Congress and some states are considering legislation to require that drug companies make public their clinical trial results. And measures in Congress would empower the FDA to require drugmakers to complete any requested follow-up safety studies once their products are on the market, so patients and doctors know about harmful side effects. But the bills languish, fought by a pharmaceutical industry that flourishes in the status quo. Read the entire article here at Consumer Reports.